September 28

How to Train Your Dragon


Getting to know the baby so she'll be comfortable at the photo session

How to Train Your Dragon (i.e. your Family)

(Or, Why Bother With a Consult Before Your Family Portrait?)

I touched on this a bit in my last blog, but let me elaborate.

Awww Mom!  Yuck!  Do We Have To?

When people (not moms) think about a family portrait, they think:

  • stuffy clothes
  • fake smiles
  • stiff poses
  • some weirdo behind a camera trying to get them to look like they like each other, and
  • a day wasted that they could have been doing something fun.  

And you (mom) are definitely the bad guy for trying to talk them into this torturous event.

What Is a Mom To Do?

All of the above concerns are due to the unknown.  An in-home consultation removes the unknown.  When I do consultations I have several goals in mind.  

  • Learn about the milestone that we’re celebrating
  • Learn more about your family dynamic
  • Guide you and give you options for your portraits that you might not know about like acrylics, heirloom canvas or coffee table style albums
  • Help you decide where to hang your family portrait
  • Meet your family so they get to know me.  

Spending time with your family in this way gives me the opportunity to watch how you interact with one another, look at everyone’s facial expressions and body language, and see what a “real” smile looks like.  I ask questions designed to find an affinity with each of your family members so I can create a connection with them.  Aloof kids are no longer aloof, shy kids are no longer shy and when they see me again at your portrait session, I’m not a stranger.  They’re reasonably sure I’m not going to force them into a dumb pose.  The awkwardness of a first meeting isn’t there.  We can move right into making great images. 

I also have the opportunity to guide you toward clothing that your family likes, but will also look great in the photos so they won’t be worried about looking stiff or too dressed up.  Although, if you choose to dress them up in something they think is goofy anyway, I won’t be able to help.  😀

No Surprises

We will discuss exactly what images we will be capturing.  How many shots, how many pieces of artwork, what medium we will be using, where they will go on your walls, etc.  Without this, I’d just be guessing what images you want.  And I don’t want to waste your or your family's valuable time by just guessing and hoping I got it right. Every shoot I do is custom designed for your family’s home. 

The Bottom Line

Having a consultation before we do your portrait session takes pressure off of you.  You don’t have to convince your family to do a family portrait.  You just have to wrangle them for the consultation and let me do the rest so you can enjoy the session too.  It’s a day to spend celebrating your family and pausing to really appreciate them.  Then, before you know it, you’ll have beautiful artwork up on your walls that reminds you of how thankful you are for them every day.

When you’re ready, schedule a call with me at your convenience and let’s start planning your work of art. Your family is the most important thing in your life.  Why not decorate your home with them?

And in case no one has told you today, you’re doing an amazing job!!


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