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Family portrait photography for dedicated parents (or grandparents!) on the Big Island

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"The days are long but the years are short"

Gretchen Rubin

I hear so many moms complain that they don't have time to get family portraits up on their walls.

We spend our days just trying to keep our kids alive and happy. School, sports, play dates, after school activities, chaperoning overnight field trips (“Wait, I have to sleep on a gym floor?!), not to mention managing a household!


No one will look put together?

Don't Want

To pull teeth getting kids (or your husband) to hold still for a portrait?


How to display the images on your walls?

Family portraits as easy as 1,2,3


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You Enjoy

You are  the talk of the town when people see your beautiful family proudly displayed on your walls.

About Me.

I’m a fan of moms who take their parenting seriously.  It’s the hardest (and eventually the most rewarding) job there is.

I believe that you deserve to have the results of your hard work displayed on your walls.  

So you have a daily “atta boy” to remind you of the rewarding part when you’re in the thick of the hardest part.

They Say

Debbie Dille

Youthful Grandma

" I can't tell you how much joy I feel every time I pass our gorgeous portraits on the wall and am so thankful I didn't miss this wondrous time in my son's and grand baby's life."

Carl Berglund

Proud Dad

" Kim provides exceptional care in understanding what it is you are wanting as an outcome and delivering on it and more.  I am extremely and consistently pleased with the high quality of care, and all around artistry Kim provides."